High performance whole body cryotherapy devices

Cryo chambers by Art of Cryo

The term ‘high performance cryo chambers’ refers to the electric full body cryotherapy machines with -103°F, -121°F and -166°F of the cold chamber manufacturer Art of Cryo from Sundern, Germany.
The basic range of high performance cold chambers consists of the Single Vaultz models V1 and V1 Lux, as well as the multi-chamber systems Vario Vaultz V2 and V3. For exclusive requests and specific needs Art of Cryo also offers unique Unical Vaultz models, which can be designed and set up as needed.

By using the latest technology and highest quality materials, Art of Cryo sets the benchmark for the safest cryotherapy chambers with real subzero temperatures in the cryo market.


Combinational therapy devices

Art of Cryo Flow System for vacuum therapy, lymphatic and cardiovascular stimulation

The Art of Cryo Flow System is a vacuum therapy and lymphatic drainage device with intermittent normal and negative pressure waves to activate the lymphatic system and activate the cardiovascular system.
During the approximately 25-minute treatment in the Art of Cryo Flow system, the user lies in the so-called ‘Space Tube’, which treats the lower half of the body, approximately from the lower ribcage, with normal and negative pressure waves. Due to the wide range of application and the internationally patented method, the lymphatic system and the cardiovascular system are activated for the entire body.
With the four different programs (body shaping, regeneration & performance enhancement, health & vascular training, wellness & vitality) in two intensity levels, every user will find a suitable application program.

Multi-CryoHacking-System for oxygen- and chromotherapy


The Multi-CryoHacking system developed by Art of Cryo and RemediCool is a complex combination therapy device that simultaneously uses light therapy systems, ionized oxygen and deep heat technology.
Especially in combinational therapy with cryotherapy and vacuum therapy treatments the Multi-CryoHacking-System can improve the positive effects on the body.

The whole body chamber has the essential colors red, blue and green. For a smooth and firmer skin, the red light is used, as it increases the formation of collagen. For dermatological problems such as neurodermatitis, skin impurities or acne, blue is used. The color has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial effects. Green relieves stress and restores strength. At the same time, ionized oxygen is added for oxygen therapy. Among other things, this provides better oxygen transport, which optimizes cell renewal.

Metabolism analysis based on respiratory gasses


The unique test and analysis system measures metabolism in real time. With the exact breathing gas analysis, a highly precise metabolic analysis can be created for each customer and patient. Through the percentage breakdown of the individual metabolic energy sources and the basal metabolic rate, combination therapies such as lymphatic drainage/lymphatic massage can be used even more precisely to achieve optimal body shaping in a shorter time. The breath analysis takes about 5 minutes and is performed in a relaxed sitting or lying position.
By taking measurements before and after a cold application, the mode of action and the effect of cryotherapy on the metabolism can be understood individually for each client. Based on this data, dynamic nutrition plans can be created. The dynamic nutrition plans are then available for diet support, performance enhancement and muscle building programs, among others, and can effectively lead to optimal results here.